Khaled Sayed, Writer/Creator. 

This is strange because I hate talking about myself. And I cant speak in the third because that is just weirder. I am a worker drone for the man by day and by night I am a comic/sketch writer based out of the UCB theater in New York City. After graduating from college with an English Lit degree, I did what most kids with an English lit degree do, scratch my head and ask “what now”. Comics and comedy have been my two escapes and passion, so much so that I made it a mission to create what I love to read so much. That obsession led me to the UCB theater in New York and as an executive producer at Annum Films. 

As a writer, my biggest influences have been Chris Claremont Brian Bendis, Mark Millar, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison(the mad scientist), Todd McFarlane, G. Willow Wilson, Jonathon Hickman, Ed Brubaker Brian K. Vaughn and Robert Kirkman.
Phone: 1(917)528-2884

Kevin Myers, Artist/Co-Creator.

Kevin Myers has been working as a professional illustrator since 1996. After graduating from The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts, he began working as an Illustrator/Graphic artist for an internet startup company, BlairLake New Media.

Kevin then moved to VML Advertising as an Illustrator and Senior Art Director. In 2001, Kevin founded universe K as a full-time Illustrator. He has never looked back. Kevin specializes in creating robust illustrations in various styles using numerous methods and techniques.

As a professional, Kevin has worked with many clients directly and indirectly to turn their imagination to reality. Kevin Myers has been published by Image comics as a featured artist on their Pop-Gun Anthology.


Based out of London, Ontario, Todd took the the pen and paper at an early age and perfected his craft before promoting himself as a cover artist, eventually making the migration to sequential art. Going back further than his memory can allow it, his mother would often find him in his room with a paper and pencil at an early age.

Todd's biggest inspirations in the industry have always been Dave Finch, Jae Lee, Jim Lee, and Tim Bradstreet, and Todd McFarlane.


David C. Hopkins is a letter and designer of comic books.

He is a proud member of Deron Bennet's AndWorld Design studio.

David has worked for a diverse group of clients such as IDW, Tor, Lion Forge and Heavy Metal Magazine.
Twitter: @dc_hopkins


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